Trusting God!

This is a topic I have had a lot of experience with. It seems like since we got married in 2000, Shannon and I have been doing just that. We went to making a lot of money between the two of us, to Shannon getting laid off and we needing to move in with her mother. We then moved in with my mom and after Christmas we finally moved into a new place. Around 2006, God told me to go be a special education teacher. Trusting in Him, I enrolled at the University of Phoenix for a Masters Degree in Special Education and full credentials for mild/moderate K-12. In February 2008, I had to quit working at Merrill Lynch (our only income) to start student-teaching. This is where the trust really came to play. We had rent and bills to pay, girls to raise, and I had to stop earning money and give up our medical insurance so I can do what God told me to do. God has provided during this time! He has brought Shannon many paintings and murals that have basically allowed us to survive the year. The tax stimulus check provided a much needed trip to Walt Disney World. (We took some flak for taking that trip when we had no other income but I am glad we did because I am tired of living my life with woulda, coulda, shoulda. I don’t want to live my life saving money all the time and not experience the world the Lord made for us). I just found out I did not get a job that I really wanted. I for awhile almost gave up on God. I started thinking about a passage in the bible in Psalms 13 which basically asks God how long will you forget me and in the end it did not matter cause God is in control. I know I will be teaching some day but I need to trust in God all days.

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