Mentors are not someone who will tell you what you did was right or wrong. Mentors are not just for men. A mentor is someone whom a man or woman can look up to. There are several men in my life who I look up to. They have gone before me and made the mistakes and found what works so I can hopefully not have to repeat their mistakes. Some of them know they are my mentor and some of them I watch from a far. It is such a great idea to find a mentor in life! Two men I know are mentors for parenting. They have kids that are either grown or almost grown. Their kids grew up to be great adults and this is what I want for my girls. I am watching these men to see how they raised their children. It does not mean I will do everything they did and it does not mean I won’t make mistakes, because, lets face it, we all makes mistakes. Watching these men will give me a better understanding of what to do when problems do arise. I reccommend to all recently new fathers or fathers-to-be to find someone you can look up to, someone who will help you through the tough times!

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