Potty Training Part 2

All parents go through potty-training. It isn't easy! Its a stinky situation! It is something necessary. Parents have a hard time because the child will want to go potty at the most inappropriate times. The following are some tips that will help the process.

Start by praising them - When they actually start using the potty, it is so important to praise them! Over-exaggerate the praise. This will encourage your child to want to use the potty more.

Read or Tell a Story - My daughter wanted to know about when I was a little boy. I would tell her stories about when I was growing up to get her mind off the task at hand. This would allow things to flow easier and we had better results.

Use a potty seat on the big potty. The potty that sits on the floor isn't the greatest. When the child gets to sit on the big potty, he or she will feel like a big kid and have better results. My daughter wanted a Diego potty seat and she felt like a big girl when sitting on the big potty!

Create a potty chart - Children love stickers. Create a chart. When your child goes in the potty, put a sticker on the chart. When it is filled in, give them a surprise. Take them to get ice cream, to the toy store, or something else your child likes. When they feel they are working toward something, your child's results will be better!

Raising Christian Children

Many parents want to raise their children in God's light, yet they do not know how to do it. The following are some steps you can take to make sure you are on the right path to raising Christian children!

Live a Christian life yourself - A child will not learn to live as a Christian if the child's parents are not living a Christian lifestyle. This is a case of "monkey see, monkey do." Change things in your life to make sure you are living a Christian life. It is not easy, and we cannot be perfect, but it is important to do this step! want to continue reading the bible if they see their parents reading to them.

Read the Bible with your children - You cannot teach what you do not know. Read the Bible to learn what to teach to your children but most importantly, read with your children. They will learn more and want to continue reading the bible if they see their parents reading to them.

Find a good church home - If you can, start right away. With our children, we started from birth so our church family has become an extended family and has taken part in raising our girls. This is so important. Find ways to volunteer at your church. This is big in the eyes of your children!

Pray, Pray, Pray With Them - This is probably the most important step. Parents need to pray separetly but parents need to pray with their children too. This will teach the children how to pray. After all, it has been said your relationship with the Lord is based on your relationship with your father. This means, Dads you need to be praying with your children.

Sing with Them!

I am amazed how well Haylee can pick up lyrics to songs. I am a big Bon Jovi fan. We have been playing their Have a Nice Day CD in the car when we go places. Now she asks for that CD everytime we get in the car. She has memorized the lyrics to the song Have a Nice Day and sings it. I am learning to realize she can learn better by music. She is like me. Music is my passion. We have put things to music to have her learn. Shannon has put her cellphone number to music so she can learn to call us if she were to get lost. This is why there are so many children's songs about ABC 123. They will tend to learn it better if sung to them. Don't be embarrased. Get out there and sing to your children!