Don't Buy Your Child's Love!

Remember Vercua Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Here is a funny momment!

We all had a laugh watching this scene in the movie and many of us laughed when she fell down the shoot with the "bad eggs". The problem with this is her father would buy everything for her instead of dealing with the issue. Parents who buy presents to "smooth things over" so they do not have to deal with the child screaming are in for a shock as that child gets older. When the child gets older, he or she will start to learn that if a temper tantrum is thrown, he or she will get their way. This will get out of hand and also get expensive.

I mean think about it. A 16 year old girl wants a car. If she asks her parents in a respectful way, she might not get the car. Now, she has been raised all her life getting things bought for her when she throws her temper tantrums. Knowing this, she starts a temper tantrum wanting a car. Her parents, not wanting to hear her scream and yell, buy her a car.

Some might think, she got what she wanted but there are more serious things going on here. The child never learned to share. She never learned to obey her elders. She never learned to have respect for others and she has become very spoiled.

Don't let your child become a Veruca Salt. If your child is throwing temper tantrums and your instinct is to give in for what they want, STOP. Take a deep breath. It is ok to spank your child but please remember to do it out of love and not anger!


Jamie said...

I totally agree with this! Buying everything for your child teaches them nothing. If you actually dont buy your child everything you can teach them that they dont need everything and they will in the long term respect you for it. Think about it who wants to be friends with a spoiled brat? That child who is spoiled will think that because they can have everything from their parents then their friends should give them everything too. They will suffer from much more than just being spoiled.

Margaret said...

Absolutely right. Children have to learn from a very young Age that they can't always have their way. If they are Naughty, some things have to be withdrawn from them. It is for their own good.

Todd & Shannon McMannus said...

Margaret, you are correct about learning from a young age it isn't all about them. Children are born with this instinct and we need to teach our children that first is God, then family, and then themselves. Its a hard lesson, but one we all go through even if we do not all use these skills!