Play with Them!

Nothing will make your child not want to be around you faster than you telling them you have no time to play. I know it is difficult when you have bills to pay, dinner to make, and countless other things. There are times Haylee will ask me to play with her and I have to tell her I cannot. It makes my heart sad to do that cause all I really want to do it play with her. I try not to say no very often. All it takes is 5 minutes to read her a book until she gets focused on something else, then I can go back to what I was doing. We get married at least once a week. Another thing Haylee and I do together is dance. We can be walking in a shopping mall and she will turn to me and ask me to dance. The embarrassment factor kicks in and all I want to do is say not right now. What I actually say is of course. When she is grown and on her own, I will remember those times of dancing with her in the middle of everything and know that I did my part in playing with her. When Sarah is at the age of wanting to do these things, I will do the same with her, whatever her “thing” is.

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