Tempur Tantrums!

We have all heard of the terrible two’s. I personally do not like this because it labels the childs attitude. The attitude the child is giving is nothing more than he or she trying to communicate. This is the only way the child understands how to communicate. This is also the child trying to become an individual instead of an infant. With both of my daughters, I know usually when they are throwing the temper tantrums, they are ready for a nap or bedtime. For a long time, I did not know how to deal with Haylee throwing temper tantrums. At times I still don’t. It can be a little embarrassing because many times it is in public. I have learned that we need to remove her from the situation. One time while in a Florida airport, she had a tantrum. I came back to where they were and she was crying. I had no idea why but my wife said take her to the bathroom for a spanking. Although I had no idea why I was spanking her, I had to support my wife. We went to the bathroom, Haylee screaming all the way. I wanted to find out why I was spanking her so I asked her to calm down and asked why she was crying. She said she didn’t want to wear shoes. I said if mom asked her to wear her shoes, she needed to wear them. At that point, she got mad, stomped her foot and said she wasn’t going to wear them. Now I knew it was time to spank her. I took her in the bathroom praying there wasn’t many people in it. She knew she was going to get a spanking so she went balistic. I took her in the stall and I noticed there was a man in another stall. I did what I had to do praying he would not think I was beating her. This was a very embarrasing event because I was afraid someone would report me that I was beating her. I just have to remember that God has commanded us to discipline our children out of love when they are not acting appropriately.

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