Change Their Diapers Dads!

I know this is a disgusting topic. Trust me I have (very recently) had to change some really explosive diapers. With Sarah, it was so bad, I had her in the kitchen sink spraying her down with the dish sprayer. It is a smelly situation but it does a couple of things. By changing your diapers, your spouse will appreciate the fact that you are not leaving it up to her to change the diapers. It will also help you bond with your little bundle of joy (even if it doesn’t smell like joy) I have two children so far and I have never been grossed out to the point I wouldn’t change them (although there were times I needed to call reinforcements in, Thank you Shannon) This is not just an effective parenting tip, it is a tip from the heart. Bond with your kids by changing them. Dads do not get the bonding of breastfeeding so we need to find other ways to bond. Don’t blow off this important phase in raising your kids!


chris frost said...

Martin Luther said, "God smiles when a man changes a diaper", and so does my wife, Sara. Nice blog!

Todd & Shannon McMannus said...

I like that quote. I feel I am a better dad for changing diapers even if it is a "stinky situation".