A Good Church Home!

One thing that is so important is faith! From early on, Shannon and I discussed faith. We came from different "religions" and of course there were concerns. We started talking about getting married and having children and we really wanted to raise them up how God wanted them raised. We knew we needed to find a church home that we could raise our children in. We found Grace Lutheran Church in Huntington Beach. We attended the ALPHA course they were teaching there. I, being a bass player, joined the Praise Band. We become members. After Haylee was born, it was time for Grace to plant a church. As part of the Praise Band, we decided to go with them. Robinwood Church was born. We recently moved into a new, larger venue. The members of this church have been through the good times and bad with us when we had no income and especially when our girls were born. They are an extended family for us and I can see the benefits in our girls lives already. It has been a blessing to find such a wonderful church home and I encourage everyone to find a good ALPHA teaching, bible-based church to make their home.

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