We are dealing with monsters in our house. These monsters seem to get Haylee out of bed in the middle of the night ending up in our bed. We have a really wide bed and I seem to get shoved to the edge of the bed every night. Why is it children see monsters? Some believe it is triggered from a scary movie or something they heard that scared them. Others feel it is their imagination working on overdrive. Whatever the real reason is, it is very troubling to the child. Sometimes the fear is lack of faith! According to my pastor Dave Housholder’s Daily Life Coaching, “When you start to feel fear welling up (financial, social, physical, spiritual), ask the Lord to remove it. The sooner the better.” Is this possible for a four year old little girl? I used to think no. After seeing Haylee talk to Jesus in her childlike faith, I do believe it is possible for her to ask the Lord to remove her fear. That is why when she starts talking about monsters, we tell her to ask Jesus to take away her fear of monsters cause the only monster we have in our house is the Tickle Monster!

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Noelle said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeek! The Tickle Monster!!