Death is Just The Beginning!

I remember seeing The Mummy. In the movie, the mummy scratched the phrase “Death is Just the Beginning” in the top of the casket. I started thinking in a spiritual sense what that means. If you believe Christ is your personal savior like I do, you know “Death is just the beginning” but if you do not believe in Christ, do you still know “Death is just the beginning.” The main point is what is the beginning? If you believe in Christ, you know you will be in heaven some day and that is your beginning. If you do not believe in Christ, you will have a beginning of eternal torture. To me, that is a no brainer. Find a church that is bible-based and teaches ALPHA and start reading the bible. Find Christ and be eternally saved. Get ready to start your beginning!

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Anonymous said...

you are totally wrong about your thinking and believe. Christ was a human, a good human, our brother and he and wanted the peace and love of all of us, for creating, and prosperity, but after he dies, many people confused his ideas and started to manipulate many people to profile. So Christ is no God,Christ was a great person, that I admere. Death is just the begining mean that all of us come from no existence and after we die we go again to the begining universe of energy.