Anti-Christian Christian Churches

Today I was looking around the internet for topics I could write about. I came across a Baptist church that made me sick. The article I read was about disciplining children. They said to beat the child with a bible and refer to them as demons. I don’t know the entire bible but I can’t find a reference of where Jesus would beat a child with a bible and call them little demons. It made my heart hurt that children are being treated this way by so called church leaders. I usually do not comment on things I read but I had to send them an email saying they disgust me. I went away from that article thinking they are child abusers and not Christians. It really is bothering me that people call themselves followers of Jesus and then post things like:

The following violations will result in a monetary fine of no less than $200.00 as to be determined by Church Pastors and Elders: Failure to show up at church on time, Failure to attend a church service without written permission from a pastor or other agreed upon authority, Church parking lot violations, Single males or females caught in the houses of members of the opposite sex without proper supervision, out after curfew, failure to tithe, failure to perform Christian Service obligations, Use of a church key without proper permission, Sleeping and/or horseplay during church services, reading of ‘crime oriented’ comic books, possession of alcohol outside of Post Communion Party regulations, idol worship, inappropriate dress in town or in church, dress related to ‘counter-culture’ movement, beards are not allowed except with special permission from Pastor Smith himself, long earrings on women, use of tampons is strictly prohibited, men with earrings or jewelry of any kind, hugging, possession of pornographic material (except for widowed or single men over the age of 65), failure to identify oneself to a church authority, failure to answer a call slip, witchcraft, dancing and/or skipping, association with Catholics, Presbyterians, Mormons, Methodists, Unitarians, Episkypols, or any other occult activity (unless under supervision by Dr. J. Edwards), failure to conform to rules and regulations, failure to submit to authority, the questioning of church authority is not tolerated and may result in dismissal, failure to bring at least one new guest to church a week, failure to win at least one soul a week, disrespect, lying, stealing, cheating, plotting, failure to have a demon-possessed infant sterilized, attendance at non-Christian owned picture houses, and rock music. General Rules are subject to change at any time without notice. Members are expected to find out what the new rules are within two hours. Let us note here, ‘A Christian who is interested in doing their own thing, will not feel comfortable at xxxx.. we would even go as far to question whether or not that individual is a Christian to begin with.

No wonder why people get confused with “religion”. I am pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t get caught up in all these beliefs. I am glad we have Robinwood Church who believes we are all broken people. At Robinwood, we accept all people no matter how broken. The only people we do not accept is the unbroken and since everyone is broken, everyone is welcome!

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