Why Won't They Stay In Their Beds!

Why is it children are scared to stay in their beds? I went through it and now my daughters are doing the same thing. Haylee comes in the middle of the night saying she is scared and wants to sleep with us and now Sarah has started it with us. We end up with everyone in our bed. No one is getting sleep and we are all tired. We went through the "There are monsters in my bed" phase. We started having Haylee sleep on the floor when she comes in hoping this would stop her from coming in. This was working but now she wants to start the night on the floor instead of her bed. Last night I started when she comes in, I say nothing to her and take her back into bed and tuck her in, and then go back to my bed. She screamed and cried and came in about 15 times. This started Sarah crying and screaming as well. So I had both girls screaming and I wanted to go to sleep. I did not give in. I kept it up. Finally I told Haylee to stop crying because her crying is scaring her little sister and she is a big 4 year old and should be able to sleep in her bed at night. She stopped and went to sleep. Sarah, still worked up from crying, took a little longer. I am hoping to keep this up tonight to see what happens.

OK most of you are saying, this does not sound like a parenting tip because he is still experiencing this issue. I agree with you except for the fact that the tip is, get them into a routine. There are a couple of steps you can follow at night time that might help which we are going to start to implement (I know a little late but better late than never)

1. Stick to the same bed time as much as possible This is very difficult in today's times of meetings, sporting events, church stuff, etc but it needs to be done. This will get them on a routine of ok now it is 8:30 and we should be in bed.

2. Read the bible with your children before bed pointing out God's love for children This will hopefully show them that God is watching over them and will keep them safe while sleeping.

3. Create a bedtime ritual that you stand by such as dinner, dessert, bath, jammies, story time, sleep time

4. No monsters in the room or under the bed I don't know where they get it but every child says there is a monster in the room somewhere. Prove to them there are no monsters in the room by going on a monster hunt. When they do not find one, eventually they will realize there are no monsters. Telling them God will protect them during the night will help as well.

Good luck and don't give up. This won't take place the first time you do this and it might not even take place the 100th time you do this but it will eventually work. Have patients and trust in God to lead the way!

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Rhonda said...

Great article. My niece was afraid to go to bed for months saying there was a monster in her room. After we prayed over her room I gave her a guardian angel statute as a symbol of God watching over her. From that night, the monster and fear were gone. I also gave her and my grandson a wonderful Christian Cd titled "Bedtime Blessings." This Cd contains a very cute bedtime meditation for children. It also contains positive affirmations for young children. You can add it to the bedtime ritual and children love it. You can find it at http://www.thechristianmeditator.com/christian_meditations.html