Take a Time Out Parents

Parents give time-outs all day long and sometimes, in the hussle and bussle of life and parenting, we lose touch of reality of who our spouse is and why we got married in the first place. So what does this have to do with parenting tips? A lot! If you lose touch of each other, you start living separate lives and if nothing is changed, divorce is knocking on the door. This effects the kids. No child wants to see their parents split up. Many children will start to blame themselves for the divorce. So what is the parenting tip in this?

10 Great Dates What is this? It is a marriage study that will energize your marriage. They have different books depending on where you are in marriage and in life. We took it through Relationship Skills Unlimited We met for 20-30 minutes once a week to watch a short video on the topic of the day. After that, we briefly discussed the video and we were then sent on our way to have a date. The only rule is we do not go home. We had to go on our date, read the portion of the book, and complete the tasks in the workbook. The topics you will learn about include:
*Communicate better
* Put the sizzle back in sex
* Process anger and resolve conflicts
* Develop spiritual intimacy
* Appreciate your differences
* Balance busy lifestyles
* And much more!

Do your marriage a favor and check this out. Don't just get the book and read it. You will experience so much more in a group setting learning about how to revive your marriage.

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