Home-School or Not To Home-School

Shannon and I are torn. We have been bouncing around the idea of home-schooling the girls. For a long time, I was against the idea because Haylee especially is very social. Having her at home all day, everyday, would not give her the social attention she needs. It wasn't until I started substitute teaching did I realize home-schooling might be an option. The things that come out of children's mouths at such young ages scares me. Haylee already is a little parrot. I cannot imagine what she will bring home.

There are people in our lives that have given us advice on both ends of this topic. Some feel taking them out of the school system will not give the Lord a chance to let our girls shine their light for the Lord in all the darkness. There are also those who hate the school system and make us feel we are terrible parents for wanting them to go through it. This is such a difficult decision because it will effect the rest of their lives.

As of late, our decision is to put in her pre-school two days a week to see how this works. This will help with some of the behavioral learning. We will take a look when it is time for Kindergarten. I am sure this will change a hundred times until she is done with school.

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